Note : You can use our Python client to create, list, delete, update and restore Alerts

Create an alert

URL to Python Script:

Update an alert

URL to Python Script:

Get list of alerts

URL to Python Script:

Details of the API:

URL: GET /api/alerts

Request parameters: None

Response parameters

  • alerts: List of alert items

Get alert

URL: GET /api/alert/:id

Request parameters: None

Response parameters

  • id: Alert ID
  • type: Type of alert; Valid values are:
    • MANUAL for manual alerts
    • BASELINE for baseline alerts
    • HOST_COMPARISON for host comparison alerts
  • name: Name of the alert; Note that alert names must be unique
  • enabled: true if the alert is being processed and events can fire; false otherwise
  • filter: String-encoded filter of the alert; The filter can be used to select nodes and/or entities
  • condition: Valid for manual alerts only; Configures the threshold for the alert
  • segmentBy: Segmentation to apply to condition, if needed
  • segmentCondition: If segmentBy is set, it configures whether alert events will be triggered when all segments reach the threshold or at least one does. The format is an object with a type property with ALL or ANY respectively (e.g. { "type": "ANY" }
  • timespan: Number of microseconds; Minimum time interval for which the alert condition must be met before the alert will fire a event; Minimum value is 60000000 (1 minute) and values must be multiple of 60000000 (1 minute)
  • severity: null to instruct the alert to set event severity automatically, a number from 0 (emergency) to 7 (debug) to set a manual severity
  • notificationChannelIds: List of notification channel identifiers;

Note: Notifications must be configured and enabled globally in the Settings > Notification page of Sysdig Cloud

  • version: Revision version of the alert configuration
  • createdOn: Unix-timestamp of time when the alert was created
  • modifiedOn: Unix-timestamp of time when the alert was last modified
  • notificationCount: Number of events fired for the alert during the past 2 weeks


  • 404 Not Found if the alert ID is not found
  • 400 NotificationChannelId: {id} does not exist if the notification channel id specified in the notificationChannelIds property does not exist


GET /api/alerts/123

    "alert": {
        "id":               123,
        "version":          7,
        "createdOn":        1459198751000,
        "modifiedOn":       1460994864000,
        "type":             "MANUAL",
        "name":             "My Alert",
        "enabled":           true,
        "filter":            "cloudProvider.tag.Name = \"clients\"",
        "severity":          7,
        "timespan":          60000000,
        "notificationCount": 1,
        "segmentBy":         [ "agent.tag.infrastructure" ],
        "segmentCondition":  {
            "type": "ANY"
        "condition":         "max(sum(memory.used.percent)) >= 1",
        "sysdigCapture" : {
                            "enabled": true,
                            "name": "testName",
                            "filters": "test",
                            "duration": 104857600,
                            "type": "LOCAL",
                            "bucketName":  "bucketName",
                            "folder" : "folder"

Delete an alert

URL to Python Script:

Restore alerts

URL to Python Script:

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